1. Install FluConvert

1.1 Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP (64-bit) or later operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2016 or later (Excel 64-bit)
  • Java 6 or later

1.2 Recommended system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 1903 or later operating system
  • Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2019 or later (Excel 64-bit)
  • Java 10 or later (64-bit)

1.3 Installation

1.Install mEMBOSS- in the absolute path C:\mEMBOSS
2.Install mafft-win.exe in the absolute path C:\mEMBOSS
3.Install FluConvert_v1-setup.exe in the absolute path C:\Flutures

2. Usage

Sequence processing

1.Sequence fasta file (for example: H5N2.fasta) put into C:\Flutures\FluConvert\Input folder
2.Run C:\Flutures\FluConvert\FluConvert.exe
3.Type virus subtype H5N2, then type 1
4."Do you want to translate the sequences to amino acid?", type Y
5.The completed result will be in the C:\Flutures\FluConvert\Output folder

FluConvert regarding the selection of viral subtype, we have only tested H5N2, H7N9, and H1N1 at present.

If you have other subtype requirements, please contact us.